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Loyalty Rewards Program

The Vending Station is excited to offer our customers an innovative customer loyalty program though our partnership with USConnect. Simply by using their The Vending Station´s USConnect loyalty rewards card customers have access to the following benefits:

  • Quarterly product promotions sponsored by well known manufacturers.
  • Select and support a charity with a donation valued at 1.5% of each purchase. Donations made quarterly
  • Rewarded for loyalty with points valued at 10% for future purchases
  • Promotional products paid out on a quarterly basis
  • Companies show employee appreciation by making true savings available to them

USConnect and its consumer benefit programs are available exclusively through The Vending Station.

With the simple swipe of your The Vending Station's USConnect loyalty rewards card you not only purchase your desired snack, food or beverage, but you also monetarily support your charity of choice and accumulate loyalty points for future purchases.

A Powerfull Benefit for your employees!

Learn more about getting started with our The Vending Station's USConnect loyalty rewards program.

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