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Products: Beverages

100% Juices - Florida's Natural Juices

Orange Juice 11.5oz

Ruby Red Grapefruit 11.5oz

Pepsi Cola

Dole Orange Juice 16oz

Apple Juice Dole 16oz

Coca Cola

Apple Juice Minute Maid 16oz

MM Orange Juice 16oz


Pepsi Cola

Tropicana Fruit Punch 20oz

Tropicana Strawberry Melon 20oz

Coca Cola

Minute Maid Lemonade 20oz

Enhanced Waters

Energy Vitamin H2O 20oz

Power Vitamin H2O 20oz

Revive Vitamin H2O 20oz

Essential Vitamin H2O 20oz

Focus Vitamin H2O 20oz

Vitamin Water Rescue 20oz

Rescue Vitamin Water 20oz

Flavored Waters

Pepsi Cola

Aquafina 20oz

Peach Mango Aquafina Alive 20oz

Sobe Life Water

Wild Berry Aquafina Splash 20oz

Coca Cola

Dasani Water 20oz

Dasani 12oz

Dasani Lemon 20oz

Dasani Raspberry 20oz

Other Brands

Zephyrhills 16.9oz


Pepsi Cola

Pepsi 12oz & 20oz

Diet Pepsi 12oz & 20oz

Mountain Dew 12oz & 20oz

Dr Pepper 12oz

Diet Mountain Dew 12oz & 20oz

Diet Dr Pepper 12oz & 20oz

C.F. Diet Pepsi 12oz

Strawberry Twister Tropicana 20oz

Sierra Mist 20oz

Coca Cola

Coke 12oz & 20oz

Diet Coke 12oz & 20oz

Sprite 12oz & 20oz

C.F. Dt. Coke 12oz & 20oz

Barqs 12oz & 20oz

Cherry Coke 12oz & 20oz

Fanta Grape 12oz & 20oz

Fanta Orange 12oz & 20oz

Diet Sprite 12oz & 20oz

Diet Coke w/Lemon 12oz

Barqs Root Beer 20oz

Coke Zero 12oz & 20oz

Diet Barq's 12oz

Vanilla Coke Zero 12oz


Pepsi Cola

Lipton Brisk 20oz

Diet Green Tea Citrus 20oz

Green Tea Lipton Citrus 20oz

Coca Cola

Enviga Green Tea

Enviga Berry Sparkling Tea

Nestea 12oz

Diet Nestea 12oz

Nestea 20oz

Miscellaneous Drinks

Frappuccino Vanilla

Frappuccino Mocha

Yoo-Hoo 11oz

Coca Cola

Banana Colada Fuze 10oz

Slenderize Strawberry Melon Fuze 10oz

Mexican Flavored Carbonated

Mineragua Jarritos 20oz

Grapefruit Jarritos 20oz

Fruit Punch Jarritos 20oz

Sangria Jarritos 20oz

Mandarin Jarritos 20oz

Pineapple Jarritos 20oz

Tarnarind Jarritos 20oz

Mango Jarritos 20oz

Sport Drinks

Pepsi Cola

Lemon Lime Gatorade 12oz & 20oz

Orange Gatorade 12oz & 20oz

Gatorade Blue Raspberry 20oz

Fruit Punch Gatorade 20oz

Fierce Melon Gatorade 20oz

Grape Gatorade G2 20oz

Fierce Grape Gatorade 20oz

Coca Cola

Mountain Blast Powerade 20oz

Lemon Lime Powerade 20oz

Fruit Punch Powerade 20oz

Orange Powerade 20oz


Red Bull Cans 8oz

Pepsi Cola's AMP Energy Drink 16oz

Coca Cola's Full Throttle

The products offered are updated often to provide the newest products on the market and to rotate the availability for your staff. Therefore the items on this list are examples but may not be in current inventory.