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Products: Snack Selections


Baked Lays LSS 1.125oz

Baked Cheetos LSS 1.5oz

Baked Nacho LSS 1.375oz

Lays LSS 1.5oz

Cheetos LSS 2oz

Flamin Hot Cheetos LSS 2oz

Nacho LSS 1.75oz

Cheddar Sour Cream LSS 1.5oz

White Cheddar Popcorn .75oz

Cheeze Its 1.5oz

Chex Mix 1.75oz

Ritz Bitz 1.5oz

Tato Skins 1oz

Honey nut Chex Mix 1.75oz

Rold Gold Pretzels 1oz

Salsitas Tortilla Round 1.5oz

Bugles Caramel 1.4oz

Ruffles Thick Cut Cheddar 1.5oz

Salted Pita Chips 1.5oz

Garlic Pita Chips 1.5oz

Macs BBQ Pork Skins 1oz

Bugles Nacho .875

Plantain Chips 1.2oz

Salt n Vinegar Herr´s 1oz

Burger King Ketchup and Fries 1oz

Sweet Chili Doritos 1oz

Pita Chips Cinnamon Sugar 1.5oz

Gums & Mints

Ice Breakers Red Cinnamon

Winter Green


Five Flavors


Citrus Mist Breathsaver

Ice Breakers Blue

Ice Breakers Winter Green


Cream Cheese & Chives Crackers 1.3oz

Peter Pan Crackers 1.38oz


Snackwells Vanilla 1.7oz

Oreos 1.6oz

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip 3oz

Chips Ahoy 2oz

Lorna Doone 1.6oz

100 calorie Oreo Thin Crisp .81oz

Nabisco 100 calorie variety

Vanilla Creme Grandmas 2.25oz

Zoo Animal Crackers 2.125oz

Fat Free Fig Newtons 2.1oz

Duplex Creme Tray 5oz


Duplex Creme Tray 5oz


Now and Later Soft 2.75oz

Snickers 2.07oz

Reeses Cups 1.5oz

Nestle Crunch 1.55oz

Butterfinger Crisp 1.76oz

Sno Caps Box 3.1oz

Cherry Fruit Snacks 2.25oz

Mixed Berry Fruit Snacks 2.25oz

Twix 2oz

M&M Peanut 1.74oz

Nuclear Sqworms

Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Strawberry Twizzlers 2.5oz

Sour Patch Kids 2oz

Nuts, Energy & Granola Bars

Energy Trail Mix 2oz

Special K Protein Bar 1.59oz

Caramel Nut Gold Balance Bar 1.76oz

Sweet & Salty Nuts 2oz

Salted Peanuts Kars 1.5oz

Crunchy Blends Granola with Raisin 1.5oz

Yogurt Apple Nut Mix 1.5oz

Mango Pineapple Trail Mix 1.5oz

Straw Yogurt Bar Nature Valley 1.2oz

Special K Strawberry .81oz

Peanut Bar Lance-2.21oz


Pop Tart Straw 3.6oz

Texas Cinnamon Bun 4oz

Honey Bun 4.75oz

Cinnamon Coffee Cake 4oz

Bear Claw Cream Cheese 4.25oz

Blueberry Blasters 4oz

Chocolate Cupcake 2pk 4oz

Brownies with Nuts 2.75oz

100 Cal Pk Chocolate Cupcake 1.3oz

Rice Krispie Treat 1.7oz

Oreo Cakesters 3oz

Act II Butter Micro Popcorn 3oz

Peach Summer Danish 4.5oz

Strawberry Kiwi Summer Frt Danish 4.5oz

Lemon Summer Frt Danish 4.5oz

The products offered are updated often to provide the newest products on the market and to rotate the availability for your staff. Therefore the items on this list are examples but may not be in current inventory.