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About The Vending Station

A USConnect affiliate service provider that offers customers rewards, resources, and so much more

Earn rewards

Use the USConnectMe to earn points for refreshment purchases redeemable for future products.

Loyalty pays

Enjoy your favorite drink or snack for free by repeatedly purchasing it using the USConnectMe app.

Vending machines in Orlando and Jacksonville

Feel good refreshments

With every dollar spent, 1.5% is given back to the community through a charity of your choice.

Sensible nutrition

We support healthy lifestyles by offering products with standardized nutritional and calorie limits.

Experts ready to boost productivity and morale

  • Hand crafted solutions

    Our team takes pride in delivering personalized service to each location we serve.

  • Partners in wellness

    Let us help you support healthy lifestyles at work through corporate wellness programs.

  • Complete range of services

    We offer a full line of break room services to ensure we can create the perfect service.

  • Service veterans

    We have been refreshing break rooms in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida since 1995.

  • Local business

    Support the local economy by opting for a service provider in your neighborhood.

  • Modern Payments

    With us, it’s easy to have the convenience of mobile and debit/credit card acceptance.

Professional break room consultants

From our local ownership to our personalized service, we can provide superior break room service solutions.

The Vending Station is proud to be part of organizations dedicated to service excellence. We are active members in the national organization for vending operators, NAMA, as well as part of the USConnect group of elite operators.

Our mission begins with quality products and ends with technology that enhances our service and provides 100% accountability. It’s what we train each member of our staff to do because it is what leads to great service.

Create an employee-rewarding atmosphere with the best refreshment services from The Vending Station at (407) 891-7632.