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Reward employees by offering free food and beverage items directly from your break room

Try the ultimate perk

Customize the menu and displays

We work with Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida companies on creating ideal pantry service solutions.

Recognize the time and effort of employees by creating an inviting culture in the break room. Offer free cold beverages, refreshing fresh fruit, dozens of cereal and candy options, gourmet sandwiches, healthy snacks, and much more.

The Vending Station makes it easy to provide all this variety to employees with our pantry service. You choose from our wide range of products and we procure and stock all the items. Stay on budget while still transforming your employee culture.

Pantry service in Orlando & Jacksonville

Food and beverages most requested by employees

Experts in delivering pantry service to Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida businesses

In Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida, companies are aiming to attract and retain employees with additional perks such as pantry service. The Vending Station offers a tried and true pantry service solution that allows companies to offer select food, snacks, and beverages to employees. We handle replenishing, ordering, any associated equipment maintenance or installation, as well as invoice your company for the product costs. It’s a must-have for today’s young workforce that drives a positive company culture. Set yourself apart with a customized menu of pantry service items.

Full service pantry solution

Custom designed

Each pantry service program is created with customer input for the ideal balance of products and budget.

Employee preferred

Complimentary food and drinks are seen as a workplace perk by today’s top-performing employees.

Support staying healthy

Ensure there are always better-for-you and nutritious choices for your Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida staff.

Partner with the best

Gain the experience and reliability of a professional service provider that will stay on budget and time.

Grab and go convenience

Offer employees a better work-life balance by offering refreshment options free in your break room.

The best break room

Pantry service makes it fast and easy to make your break room stand apart from others with great products.

Make the break room
a benefit

Use pantry service as an employee-impressing benefit that creates a positive and social workplace culture.

Get one provider to handle all your break room stocking needs with pantry service from The Vending Station at (407) 891-7632.