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Proven food vending machines for the Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida market

Enjoy better variety

Market Express
gives you options

Fresh food from our in-house commissary, Market Express, means you get newly made, quality food that will rival local eateries.

Fresh Food

Appealing ingredients combined into entrees and sides dishes that will excite employees and customers.

Customized Selections

Create a personalized fresh food menu with a mix of traditional food options and healthier, freshly made meals.

Employee Benefit

Drive the positive attributes of your break room by offering delicious fresh food in the vending machine.


Eliminate wasted time looking for food options off site with gourmet food options in the break room.

express micro-markets in Orlando and Jacksonville

Created in-house for maximum quality

Our personal commissary enables us to create unique items that shatter expectations of vending food and work well in micro-markets and pantry service.

Options sure to satisfy

Explore a range of food options we have designed to meet every taste profile in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida.

Delicious sandwiches and wraps

Enjoy top quality ingredients in our freshly made sandwiches and wraps ideal for your Orlando or Central Florida location

Tasty yogurt and fruit

Include popular food choices, such as yogurt and fresh fruit, to your onsite food vending machine.

Jaw-dropping salads

Delight in the bold flavors and delectable options at the center of our show-stopping salads, created in-house.

Enticing hot entrees

Select a hand-crafted hamburger or similar reheatable item from the food vending machine for a soul-warming meal.

Super charge your break room with food vending machine options from the professionals — The Vending Station at (407) 891-7632 or