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A micro-market reinvents the break room for Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida businesses

Sophisticated design with more choices

Enjoy the open concept and high-quality look of a our micro-market paired with hundreds of product choices.

Earn top markets in the break room by offering employees a unique and customizable refreshment solution. The micro-market brings the latest self-checkout technology, designer shelving, and hundreds of snack, food, and drink options right on location. Employers can use it as a great employee incentive by paying to reduce the cost of items within the micro-market or even offer items free. We build the micro-market program with you so it is tailored to your needs.

Micro-market benefits in Orlando & Jacksonville

Easy payment options in micro-markets in Orlando & Jacksonville

Checkout quickly with mobile

USConnect® has simplified the buying process. Employees can skip the line by using the loyalty and rewards program, USConnectMe, from their smartphone to purchase items from the micro-market. Just add funds to their account, make purchases via the mobile app, earn loyalty points, and donate 1.5 percent of their annual purchases to the charity of their choice. Your employees can also receive real-time special offers and promotional codes via the smartphone app.

Boost corporate morale

A micro-market delivers the best refreshment options and is seen as a desirable perk at Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida workplaces.

Healthy selections

Choose from the latest, great-tasting natural and nutritious snack, drink, and food items.

Boost efficiency

Ensure employees have access to top quality and convenient choices onsite.

Improve culture

Employees love the unique and varied options of a micro-market at work.

Automated inventory

All sales are recorded in the cloud, producing a fully automatic restocking list.

Vast selection

With the open concept, a micro-market allows for a huge variety of different products.

Upgraded look

Well designed fixtures with graphics and lighting compliment your decor.

Quick checkout

Use the self-checkout kiosk or the mobile app to make a micro-market purchase.

Offer incentives

Subsidize the cost of products to show employees you appreciate them.

Balance time

Micro-markets provide the gift of time by being onsite with in-demand products.

Upgrade your break room refreshments with a micro-market from The Vending Station at (407) 891-7632.