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Ensure plenty of options reside in your beverage vending machines for Orlando and Central Florida employees and guests

Go cold & refreshing


Quench your thirst with an option from our beverage vending machines which offer everything from traditional sodas to new age blends.
Get more options Beverage vending machines in Orlando and Central Florida
Trust the quality of your favorite beverage thanks to our range of national brand names.
Pay your way at the beverage vending machine with credit and debit cards or a mobile wallet.
No matter when your vending machine needs service, we will be there to make things right.

Personal and professional service

The Vending Station is the beverage vending machine service provider trusted by Orlando and Central Florida businesses.

Quality Service

Experienced staff knows how to craft the ideal beverage vending machine solution.

Customized Service

Never one size fits all, we personalize each service solution after listening to your needs.

Glass of coca cola from a Phoenix & Scottsdale vending machine

Corporate Wellness

Gain a partner who can work with your location on delivering healthy beverages.


Opt for a beverage vending machine provider you can trust — The Vending Station.

Increase hydration and update your break room with beverage vending machines from The Vending Station at (407) 891-7632.