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From mobile payments to smart vending, gain a new level of service with the latest technology

Discover how

Modern convenience and better service

Updated vending machines with advanced technology placed throughout Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida

Warehouse prepicking. Lightspeed Technology ensures we pack for delivery just the items your location needs.

Product level reports. Tracking software reports on each item sold in real-time down to the specific product.

Lower carbon footprint. Recycling, and reducing emissions keep our environmental impact low.

Advanced systems. We utilize leading edge systems in the warehouse for faster, more efficient service.

  • Tech-enhanced service

    Investments in technology that creates faster, more reliable service for our customers.

  • Wireless capabilities

    Vending machines and kiosks connected to the internet provide sales transparency.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Smart technology ensures vending machines and micro-markets report live data.

  • Greener delivery

    Efficient planning and delivery reduces our need for extra vehicles on the road.

Upgraded equipment

From advanced payment options to infrared sensors, we bring a new take to workplace services in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Central Florida.

  • Go cashless

    Don’t worry about cash thanks to credit/debit card acceptance on vending machines and kiosks.

  • Pay by phone

    Got a mobile wallet? Use it to purchase your favorite snacks, food, or drink.

  • Energy-saving

    All our vending machines are built to energy efficient standards, saving electricity.

  • Refrigerated vehicles

    Refreshments are kept in a temperature controlled space from the warehouse to your door

  • Delivery sensors

    Infrared technology inside the vending machine guarantees a product drops or refunds money.

  • Recycling programs

    We break down and recycle the cardboard and other packaging material in our warehouse.

Customer service is just a click away from your phone!

mobile vending technology in Orlando & Jacksonville

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