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vending machines and water filtration service in EdgewaterEdgewater Would Be a Fun Place for Vending Machines

Improve your Edgewater office break room with our customizable vending machines that are designed specifically to fit your food and beverage tastes. Edgewater employees can enjoy a fulfilling and tasteful meal thanks to our food vending machines which offer items like sandwiches, salads, burgers, and wraps. We offer brand names that are always a favorite and we offer an assortment of products so that employees are given the opportunity to taste new options. Subsidized and free vending are both services that we offer that help production increase and boost morale. Our food and beverage vending machines use wireless, light speed technology that use real time monitoring to let us know which items are out of stock before we make our next visit.

Edgewater Loves Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Edgewater employees look forward to their morning cup of coffee and what better way to provide them with that every morning. We ensure that your coffee supplies are always in stock, including stir sticks, napkins, plates, creamers, and utensils. The single-cup brewers are beneficial because every employee and guest can make their own, different beverage, fast and easily. Of course for the heavy coffee users we have traditional brewers that allow customers to brew up a full pot of coffee for either themselves, or other employees.

Water filtration is another service that we provide that helps to keep your Edgewater employees hydrated with refreshed, great tasting water. Our bottle less water filtration units are a great addition to your office break room because not only are they eco-friendly but they leave you with pure refreshing water that removes impurities that affect taste. We offer countertop and floor-standing models that are designed to fit in perfectly to your office break room.

office coffee and micro markets in EdgewaterEdgewater Is Looking Forward to their Very Own Micro-Market

The micro-market is a revolutionary, open market that is especially designed for your Edgewater office break room work space. Your micro-market is customized to reflect the tastes of your employees from carbonated beverages to healthy alternatives. More variety means a greater number of healthier products like gluten-free or gourmet salads. The self-checkout kiosks make purchasing extremely efficient, using credit, debit, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet. Cameras monitor the micro-markets 24/7 to ensure the highest of safety. This also creates for a fun and unique shopping experience.

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