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Bringing the coffee shop to you

From customizable brewers and blends to hot tea, The Vending Station has what your employees need.

On-site convenience

Employees will appreciate the benefits of coffee & tea in the break room, which allows them to stay energized and inspired throughout the work day!

Custom solutions

At The Vending Station we are partnered with a variety of different coffee brands and brewers. Choose the brewer and flavors of your choice to fit your employees needs!

Boosted morale

Employees will never have to worry about leaving the workplace for a gourmet cup of coffee again with high quality
coffee solutions!

At The Vending Station we have the coffee brewer that will wow your Orlando, Jacksonville, & Central Florida employees.

From traditional brewing systems to single cup and beyond, we’ve got something for every employee break room. Give employees the option to make a fresh cup of coffee on demand by choosing from their favorite coffee brand & blend and never worry about them being dissatisfied!

Brewing variety

The Vending Station offers a variety of high quality brewing machines, from single cup brewers to more traditional options. There is something
for everyone!

Tea service

Experience the joy that accompanies a hot cup of delicious tea. Employees will enjoy blends of green, black and herbal teas for any time of day!

Unique blends

Keep each of your Orlando, Jacksonville, & Central Florida employees satisfied with a variety of coffee flavor options served in your break room!

Touchless technology

Touchless technology makes creating your favorite latte, mocha or cup of coffee easy
and convenient!

Concentrated brewers

Bean to cup brewers

Pod brewers

Bringing your Orlando, Jacksonville, & Central Florida break rooms a gourmet coffee experience!
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